Mounting a chart-plotter on my Django 7.70

Additionally to the two Raymarine i70 multifunction-displays that came with my Django I wanted to install a chart plotter that would be accessible and visible from the cockpit.

I wanted to do the whole installation destruction-free – meaning I did not want to drill or saw any wholes into the boat structure.

Here is how I did it:

  • First of all I chose the Raymarine a78 chartplotter because of its sufficient size, the compatibility with my existing Seatalk NG network and because of the nice and new sailing features of the plotter.
  • Then I built a new front-cover for the instrument casing from water-proof plywood (paint it carefully so that it does not mold). The new front-cover allowed for the i70s to be further apart – so that the plotter can fit between them.
  •  By pulling a cable under the inner cover of the cabin-roof I provided the whole installation with power.
  • In order to connect the plotter to the Seatalk NG network in used the already existing cables for the i70s and simply fitted in another branch of cable via a T-piece on the main bus.
  • I made two brackets to hold the chartplotter and screwed them on the front cover.
  • Whenever I am not on board I take the chartplotter out and store it in the cabin.
  • Look at the pictures – they tell more than a thousand words…