Design data for interesting sailboats…

As quite some of you I am always looking into other boats despite being actually quite satisfied with my own.

Please find attached a little Excel-„database“ with design data of interesting sailboats – also including some numbers like ballast/displacement ratio, sail area number (as calculated by the German Yacht magazine) and displacement/length ratio.

I used the design data to plot the hull speed (using the load waterline lengh) vs, the „sail area number“ (some dimensionless number used by the German Yacht magazine – basicallly: (sail area with gennaker)^0.5 divided by (displacement in tons)^0.3333.

The idea is to get a rough feeling how a certain boat behaves will going up against the wind (= hull speed) vs. behavious while planing downwind (sail number under Gennaker).

Sailboat Design Data

Of course this is just a rough evaluation – let me know what you think…

Sailboat Database