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A week ago I went to France or more exactly Brittany with a friend to look for a larger boat (I am selling my Django 7.70 because we will get another child – if you are interested see here).

First we went to Lorient where currently the boats for the Vendee Globe are being prepared and in the evening we went to La Trinite sur Mer where the big catamarans and other interesting boats are:

The boats we saw were absolutely amazing – see the attached gallery. But what I found even more amazing is the different attitude that French people have towards (off-shore) sailing – while in Germany sailing on larger boats is mostly a „sport“ for wealthy older couples in France it is really something for a broader range of people and an actual sport. Obviously that is reflected in the boats that you see in the marinas: In La Trinite sur Mer it was possible to see all boats that ever interested me in one Marina and within a circle of 50 m diatemeter (Pogo 30, Pogo 8.50, Pogo 10.50, Django 7.70, Archambault A35, Sun Fast 3200) … the French rock!